I see a red door and . . .

I'm painting my space black.

Much to the chagrin of Jon, who evidently spent time last week painting it all back to white. Didn't get as early a start as i wanted to, had some things to take care of on the home front. Got up here about 3 pm by the time i whipped the staff into shape (i added Gina to my list of flunkies) and got everything ready to go it was already 4. And come to find out that all of my fellow artists were here last night working (and plotting I'm sure). So I've got to make up for some lost time.

Not sure who's reading this but I wanted to include the list of props i made for Shawna to circulate. (i should probably check up on her) But if any one has any of these items that they could let me borrow for about a week, please post a response.

Bathtub Sucide - Bathroom
1. Clawfoot Bathtub
2. Bathroom Mirror
3. Toilet
4. Sink
5. Floor tile

Cheating Murder – Bedroom
1. Queen or King sized bed
2. Linens
3. Carpet/Rug
4. Sidetables
5. 2 matching Lamps
6. Pillows
7. End of Bed Chest
8. Handgun

Pool Drowning – Pool
1. Pool + pool stuff…. (if you have a pool or access to a pool that i can use)

Hunting Accident
1. Hunter’s wear: Camo and orange vests (2 sets)
2. Rifles

Poisoned Dinner - ? (i'm going to do some lighting tests this week to see if i can use my friends dining room)
1. Formal Dining room set
2. Formal China
3. Turkey
4. Large Painting?

Sculpture Accident - I'm looking for a large warehouse space with an overhead dollie thing (i have a couple of leads i'm working on, but again if you have this and are willing to let me take it over for a couple of days)
1. Sculpture

Child Murder
1. Crib + crib stuff
2. Toys

Body in a Trunk – Dock or location near the water to 'dump the body'
1. Back of someone’s car
2. Rope, Duct tape
3. Cinderblock

The other thing that i really need is a make-up artist to create the blood and gore. Well enough of a break, it's back to work.

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