First Day of School

The residency began this morning with a breakfast 'meet and greet'. Running late, the 'ladies' were already there and seated with refreshments when I arrived. Diane reviewed the residency, what was expected of us (do whatever we want), introduced the rest of the staff (asking us to use and abuse them), handed out the benjamins (sweet!), and turned us loose.

Our first order of business was to figure out an equitable distribution of the 'studio' spaces. Maria, Kia and I were eying the same two spaces. After vetoing my idea to settle it Greco-Roman style (so much for my height and weight advantage), the haggling began. It ended amicably before any blood was spilled (I could have had my first photo) with Kia getting the choice space, Maria the #2, I got last one that i could make work as a photo studio. Tina stayed above the fray offering to take whatever was left.

With that settled, we took a break to have some refreshments and for us artists to get to know each other a bit better. Kia is going to transform her space into a cave, I thought she meant it figuratively, but then she started talking about how she will make it look like actual rock. Tina plans to work on new 2-D work, and Maria was excited about having a large space to work. I began to plan my spaces transformation into a studio space to create more violent images.

With that it was time to start making that DW staff work for me! I had Jon run out some tables and fetch me black paint. Shawna don't give me that 'I have all this press work to do' and 'there are other artists'. You need to start workin' for the big E. Find me props and some people to kill. I don't care if you have to go to the Alley, just get it done!

By that point Tina and Maria split to go collect things, so Kia was left to 'help' move wood. Duly impressed by my acumen dealing with the staff, she flexed her own authority berating Jon for not having the tools set up fast enough. Chop! Chop! Kudos!

Fatigued by all the bossing around and moving wood, I made my exit to work on my prop list, on this blog, and get some supplies.

Author's note: The above may have been slightly embellished for storytelling purposes

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